We can provide full project support including claims review, research, transcription, affordable video, audio and photographic services for seminars, business meetings, round table discussions and focus groups. We promise uncompromising quality, affordable plan rates; as well as accurate, timely and convenient delivery.

Courtesy Administrative Services has experience in legal-medical claims related to all health conditions, wrongful death, personal injury and catastrophic injuries. The Nurse Consultant is vital for expediting the review process because she has an in-depth knowledge of medical records, terminology, clinical standards and regulations.

Healthcare Professionals such as strategic consultants and physicians often include a Nurse Consultant on their team to research because she has the specialized knowledge to consult on medical and healthcare related issues.

Legal Nurse Consultant

In Legal claims, the Nurse Consultant becomes a valuable partner of the legal team and is the liaison between the law firm(s) and their experts. There are great benefits to having a nurse consultant on board. The Nurse Consultant can add value to any medical/healthcare professional, as well as marketing strategists, insurance companies and attorneys; which includes malpractice/personal injury, wrongful death claims and criminal cases. The role of the Nurse Consultant is to review medical records, prepare reports and ensure the standard of care. A Nurse Consultant has specialized knowledge to consult on medical and healthcare related issues; these services include but are not limited to:

  • Screen or investigate cases for merit.
  • Organize and summarize medical records.
  • Define applicable standards of care.
  • Assess alleged damages and/or injuries and identify contributing factors.
  • Identify potential defendants.
  • Identify and locate potential testifying experts.
  • Medical research and literature review.
  • Prepare questions for depositions, trials; as well as arbitration and mediation hearings.
  • Provide healthcare facility consultation and liaison services.