Healthcare Professionals such as physicians, dentists, researchers, consultants and agencies often include an experienced administrative nurse consultant on their team because she has the specialized knowledge related to medical and healthcare related issues and understands the medical complexities. Here are some areas that CAS can support your healthcare practice, agency or pharma consultancy.

  • Consultation and liaison services
  • Review, research, organize and summarize medical products and devices
  • Project Management
  • Cost management and tracking
  • High impact messaging/Email and postcard marketing
  • Awards Submission
  • Manage Physician directories
  • Outline demonstrative evidence for case preparation.
  • Presentation charts, graphics and templates
  • Clinical trials
  • Advocacy
  • Ads purchase/ Art purchase / rights
  • Patient Client liaison/ Patient listening
  • Client services
  • Transcription and Translation
  • Outline Medical Complexities of Your Case
  • Professional customized website design and development
  • Set up Secure Patient Portal
  • IT Management Services
  • Website development services
  • Graphic Design


Every practice needs a website – it is your digital business card. Additionally, you need to set up a brand package to include Social Media. Patients aren’t just looking for your website online anymore, they are using directories, review sites, and social media. The more places that you have accurate and engaging information, the better chance you have of making a connection with that patient. An active, updated Facebook page can make the difference between a new patient moving on to the next page and picking up the phone to schedule an appointment.
There is a huge market in Social Media for Doctors and Medical Professionals. After your website is launched, we will design and connect your practice to the top social media sites and healthcare directories. We understand that with your busy day, you don’t have the time to manage your digital presence, that is why our services also include Community Management. For a monthly fee we will manage your accounts and make posts for you so that you maintain relevancy on line.
In Legal Medical claims, the Nurse Consultant becomes a valuable partner of the legal team and is the liaison between the law firm(s) and their experts; additionally, she will prepare the witnesses for trial and in some instances may be called as an expert. Our Nurse Consultants are excellent communicators and presenters, with credentials, references and ten plus years of nursing experience. We are excellent researchers and writers and we will ensure that our clients have the ammunition they need to present their case.
For Insurance claims, the Nurse Consultant is vital for expediting the review process because she has an in-depth knowledge of medical records, terminology, clinical standards and regulations.
If you are starting a new business or new project, allow us to help you launch … see our full list of services.